Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a documentary and promotional filmmaker based in Perthshire.


I make promotional films for entrepreneurs and businesses in Scotland, helping them to share their brand story authentically, creatively and compellingly.   

I love being able to provide such a personal filmmaking service for my clients, helping them to craft an engaging message for their film, feel and look their best on camera, and, ultimately, to create a brand film they love and that helps them to promote their business with confidence.



I'll help you to extract the key elements of your story and to craft an engaging message for your film that feels authentic to your brand.


I'll film a (relaxed) interview with you to capture your message and then film all the elements needed to help bring your message to life.


Editing is nothing short of magic! I'll edit all that I've captured, adding sound effects and synching to music that helps to tell your story.


I completed my postgraduate degree in documentary filmmaking at the Edinburgh College of Art (2009) and have made several short documentary films, one of which won the FilmG Award for ‘Best Documentary’ in 2009.

I’ve also done a lot of freelance video work in the past for businesses, musicians and festivals and was asked to direct and edit the music video for Gaelic Folk/Rock band, Mànran, in their nationwide campaign to get a Gaelic language song into the UK charts for the first time in 40 years.



MA FILM DIRECTING (DOCUMENTARY) - Edinburgh College of Art

From 2012 - 2014 I worked as the assistant director on a Creative Scotland/BBC documentary film based in a Scottish Hospice. The film was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA award.

I left film and video making behind when I moved to Norway (for love!) in 2014, but my passion for it returned with a vengeance and I launched Wild Soul Films earlier this year (2019).

Would You Like to Create a Film to Engage, Inspire and Connect with Your Audience?


It's extremely rewarding being able to help entrepreneurs and business owners capture the message they want to get across in an engaging film that feels authentic to their brand.

Every client I work with is different...


Some people love the camera and others find being in front of the camera an unnerving and uncomfortable experience.


I completely relate to having camera fears, which is why I approach filming with my clients in a very calm, relaxed, and light-hearted way.


Making you feel comfortable in front of the camera is my priority so that you come across well in your film! 

And rest assured that if we work together, I'm not going to turn up at your door with a big, noisy, scary film crew.


I am the crew (plus my lovely fiancé, Nikolai, who often helps me with transporting and setting up equipment). 

Also, maybe you’re like some of my clients and you already have a clear idea of the message you’d like to get across in your film.


Or perhaps you’re like most of my clients and would like my help to do this.


Together, we can extract the key elements of your story and craft an engaging message for your film that will capture attention and help people to engage with your brand.

Ultimately, I'm here to help you create a film you love and that helps you to promote your business with confidence. 

And I hope to make the process of creating your film a really fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience for you, too!

If you'd like to get in touch about working together to create a promotional film for your business, you can click here to go to my contact page.  

I’d love to hear from you!


Easter Ballindalloch, Glen Lednock, Comrie, Perthshire, PH6 2LY wildsoulfilms@gmail.com  |  Tel: 07512891422

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