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Choosing Courage over Comfort

Isn’t it true that we so often think of vulnerability as being weakness? I know I have in the past… And yet Dr Brené Brown’s research highlights that the willingness to experience vulnerability is actually a measure of courage.

To live is to be vulnerable because nothing in life is certain. To dare greatly - to love hard, even though the other person might not feel the same way, to speak up for what we believe in, to try something new, to start a business, to put our creative work out there for others to see, to take a leap of faith of any sort with no guarantees - is desperately vulnerable, and yet it’s the only path that can lead us to the future we desire.

Because if we don’t try and if we don’t embrace those feelings of vulnerability, we’ve failed before we’ve even started…

Innovation, creativity and change don’t come from playing it safe. And our best lives aren't created by choosing comfort over courage.


I thought this quote might be helpful to anyone who's putting themself out there and feeling vulnerable! I know it helps me (when I remember it!) in such times. #workinprogress #courageovercomfort #scottishentrepreneurship


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